Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hot Dog; Smart Dog!

Last night, Mr. Pawpower made groceries and some how, when we were putting everything away, we lost a package of hotdogs. We looked and looked but just assumed that they'd been put in the freezer with other meat for the dogs' meals. We didn't think much more about it-- having bigger metaphorical fish to fry.

This morning, Mister Pawpower needed Mill'E-Max's help bringing things from the fridge to the table for breakfast. He called her and she came to me first, but my hands were full so I told her to go to him. I thought this was strange. She went over to him, and plopped the missing package of hotdogs into his hand. They were mostly intact, with a little puncture from a canine when she was holding it. Our house is still cold enough (lack of central heat/air comes in handy) that they're fine.
I'll be making dog treats with them this afternoon. I guess I should have asked her to find them when I first noticed they were lost. Boy Mill'E-Max is sure a handy dog to have around! :)

1 comment:

  1. She is soooooo smart. I'm impressed they were intact. :)