Saturday, August 11, 2012

Start Spreadin' the News

This has been a crazy whirlwind few weeks. In May, I was asked to teach at a Train the Trainers seminar at the
<"Helen Keller National Center for Deafblind Youth and Adults">
I said yes, and the training starts Monday. This means that tomorrow, bright and way too early for any human being to be awake I will be on a plane flying to New York.

Today my SSP and I dropped Mill'E-Max off at my vets, and went to get some few last-minute things. I am home, trying to pack and not forget anything. Bristol is staying with a friend who is coming to get her tonight. Mister Pawpower left for Denver on Thursday with Baylee, so this house seems very quiet, even for me!

Now I have to put books on my iPhones and Braille note, finish packing and wait. I'm very excited to spend time in New York and will update as I have time!
Stay cool, y'all!

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