Friday, December 17, 2010

Never stand between a group of old ladies, and their justice!

I decided to do a little Giftmas shopping this afternoon. I hit all the stores I wanted, then had a break in the little coffee shop.
I was sitting there, sipping my java and reading email when a pack of old ladies entered the coffee shop, and took up residence at the table next to mine.
One of them had a little dog in her purse and it was really well behaved, I never would have known had Laveau not stared at it and made the group of women laugh by her interest.
After a while I'd done all the coffee-drinking and email-reading I wanted so I texted Bob and told him to call me a taxi.
I waited... and waited.... and waited.
I texted bob again, he called the cab company again, only to be told that the driver saw the dog and just drove away.
He read them the riot act over the phone and they sent another driver.
The new driver walked into the coffee shop and I asked him if he was the driver who was sent last time. He said no, and I told him the story of what had happened.
The second cab driver then starts spouting off at the mouth about how "We don't have to take animals if we don't want to!"
I've never seen a group of old ladies get riled up so quickly. I didn't even have to say a word; they started lecturing him about the law and quickly put him in his place. They let him have it with both barrels and honestly, I was trying very hard not to laugh.
I made it home and that driver now has a better education; given to him by ladies who were all at least! over 70 years old.
I've decided from now on,I'm just going to hire a pack of old women who come along with me and deal with access issues.

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  1. Sounds like a good idea to me! Most people won't get involved at all.