Sunday, January 9, 2011


This has been such a very sad and horrible weekend for so many. All over the news are descriptions of shooting and killing and anger. Yet in my world there has been contentment and peace and productivity. Watching everything that has gone on outside has made me so grateful for my, at the moment at least, quiet life.
I am praying for everyone-- for the victims of all the shootings and their families, for the shooters themselves. I wonder what can make someone so full of hate that they could take another's life.
Yesterday I spent the morning out in the sun, with Bristol on the grooming table and brushes in my hands. I spent time with her in the simple act of reconnecting and enjoyment of our shared bond. I had my "Goddess playlist" on my iPod and was at peace. At that same time, in Arizona, a gunman opened fire and killed a bunch of people; one of them only nine years old. A new life just begun, and ended in senseless violence.
The outside world seems so big and full of pain sometimes. Yet all is quiet at home.

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  1. I don't know what makes a person hate so much that they can take another person's life. And to think the Congresswoman was his target, yet he also killed a judge and a little girl. I read somewhere today that the little girl was born on 9/11, and her parent said that her life began and ended in sadness, but everything in between was beautiful.