Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Dish on the Dish

One of Mill'E-Max's jobs is to bring me the dogs' water bowl when it is empty. I filled it up just last night so I was surprised when she came into the kitchen where I was sitting, and jabbed the rim of the bowl into my side.

I grabbed the bowl, and headed to the kitchen sink to fill it. I usually fill the dish in the tub and she was not letting me fill it anywhere but the tub. She was still holding the bowl, and gave a mighty yank! So with me holding one side of the dish and Mill'E-Max the other, she walked backward from the kitchen, into the bedroom, and down the hall. She looked like she was doing a canine version of the moonwalk. She was making these gur gur gur noises and I could feel their vibrations in the dish as I held on to it. I was laughing so hard at the moonwalking and the gurring; I dropped the dish. She came around behind me with the dish and commenced to poking me in the butt with her dish in an attempt to get me to walk faster. Poke, poke poke! I'm sure she was still gurring!

Finally we arrived in the bathroom and I started filling the dish. She hung her head over the side staring at the rising water level.
She is a very impatient dog is our orange Mill'E-Max. Now if Laveau will keep her feet out of the water dish, maybe I won't have to refill it before afternoon.

I wonder sometimes, what do people who don't have dogs do for entertainment?


  1. Phoenix has a really bad habit of carrying the metal bowls around the house so we can't find them, so we bought a bowl table for him to share with Aspen and then ceramic bowls for Canyon and Cessna. Now he can't walk away with the bowls lol!

    I think it would be cool to teach Cessna to carry a bowl over when it was empty, but she really doesn't like the feel of metal in her mouth - maybe we'll just have to teach the new one when she arrives :)

  2. Our dish is plastic, but Mill'E-Max will carry metal as well. Phoenix sounds like a big clown! :)

  3. Hi Y'all,

    BOL. My Human says the Chessie sister I never knew carried her bowls when they were empty. She bought me bowls that won't tip over and I can't carry. :( I bark instead. I can tell time and start barking when it's time to eat!

    Hmmmm...guess that wouldn't work with you? You'd see my mouth moving though!

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. Our mama is deafblind so she can't see us barking, either. But our big pops can hear so sometimes we will bark at him to get him to feed us. It works really well in the morning.

  5. LMAO!
    Your group is always good for a laugh.

  6. That is funny. I feed Dee from a portable bowl; last week it was empty but she put her head in it and walked around with it over her nose, put it down, and chased it.

  7. Your crew are just big clowns, aren't they? Not so sure I'd be happy with my dogs hitting me in the butt with anything, LOL.

  8. My dog and I love reading your posts. Makes both our days:)