Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Energizer Brissy

This morning I needed to make groceries. I walked out to the front room to grab the harness and Bristol pushed her way between Mill'E-Max and Laveau, to the front of the line, and shoved her head through the whole on the harness. Ok, I get it; the Queen has spoken. I finished harnessing her up and off we went. We hopped on the bus, got off at the grocery, and walked around the store getting what we needed. She had a blast and one little kid kept pointing her out and saying "Hi pretty doggie!" It was very cute.

I decided to buy Bristol a new tug toy since tug is her favorite game. I got her this cat on a rope. The cat is blue and has spikes all over it. It is wearing purple shoes and a purple stocking cap.

I got home and let all the dogs out in the yard while I put away the groceries. Then I got laundry together and let the dogs inside when I went out to the laundry shed to start the wash. I came back in and noticed the dogs playing with the new toy which I had left on the table. Unknown to me, I had also left a whole chicken next to the toy. They left the chicken and took the toy. I should say that Laveau took the toy because it was in the center of the table and neither Bristol, nor Mill'E-Max can get up there. Laveau knows that she can't take food from the table, but toys? That's open to interpretation, I guess.

Bristol played 4 games of tug with Mill'E-Max, and 3 games of tug with Laveau; winning them all. Then she wrestled on the floor with Laveau, playing a game which I have affectionately dubbed "Growly Spithead."
I think Bristol is tired at last. I'm sitting at the kitchen table typing on my Macbook and she is sleeping under the table.

That old gal sure has a lot of energy! I may need a nap after all that. Unfortunately for me, I need to go hang laundry on the line!

Oh and one last thing. I can use AIM on my iPhone to make IP relay calls. It's like the very modern version of those old TTYs. While I was in the frozen food section, picking out ice-cream, I called my taxi to take me home. I figured out that if I brace my braille note and iPhone on the cart just so, I can make relay calls while walking! The person helping me shop was very distracted by my phone and braille display, though and almost walked by the ice-cream. LOL!
It's laundry time for me, then I am going to bake peanut butter cookies, because my kitchen isn't already hot enough. :)
Oh well, cookies will make up for it!


  1. Hi Y'all,

    I found it hysterical thinking about your shopper so flumuxed by the sight of your iphone and braille display they walked past the ice-cream! People drive and text and kill themselves and this person can't even watch you juggle your tech tools.

    My hubby said to tell you he's on his way over for some peanut butter cookies. ;) (he loves them).

    It sure is hot lately. Heard it should cool off here in the south for a day or so...might even reach all the way to N.O.

    Hawk aka BrownDog and his Momma

  2. Gosh, I hope your shopping helper isn't one of those people who text and drive. ;-)

    Bristol is one tough ol doggus.

    Mmm, peanut butter cookies. I think those are my favorite, even over chocolate chip.