Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Walkin' in New Orleans

The weather has finally become more civilized (most of the time). This means that I can resume my evening walks with the Pack. Mr. Pawpower took Rudy, his guide dog, and Bristol, my almost thirteen-year-young retired goddess. I had Mill'E-Max and Laveau.
Getting the right dog in the harness was a workout all on its own. Both Mill'E and Laveau love the harness, and they both want to wear it. I keep threatening to make them a harness like oxen have so they can work in tandem. Mill'E lucked out today and got to work. This meant that Laveau had to walk on the right and leave the guiding to Mill'E-Max. Laveau is not good at giving up the control. She is much like me in this respect. She is the dog version of the backseat driver; always wanting to take over because she knows she can do it better.
We went about ten blocks, then came home and drank a beer on the front porch. It's nice to be able to have cooler evenings again! Thursday I'm getting our pumpkin for carving. blindies with knives making pumpkin art. It's always fun. This year I'm going to try and get a picture of our masterpiece!

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