Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ya Gotta Start Somewhere, I Guess

This is my very first post in my very new public blog.

I guess I should start this thing by explaining who I am.
I live in New Orleans and am married to Mr. Pawpower and together we own
<"Pawpower Creations">
We have many dogs, and they are always doing crazy things. I'm Deafblind. This means that I can't see or hear very well. I can still see and hear a small bit, but more often than not, using my residual sight or hearing tends to land me in hot water. My husband, Mr. Pawpower is blind, but hearing. Our dogs are either retired or working assistance dogs. We have three golden retrievers, and one Doberman mix, three females and one male, and no the Doberman isn't a male! This is like, one of those logic puzzles.

Bristol is almost thirteen years old. She is retired and is, herself, losing her vision and has lost most of her hearing.
Mill'E-Max is the brains of the outfit. She also has a wicked sense of humor. Don't let people tell you that dogs don't have senses of humor because I know differently. Mill'E-Max used to be my guide, hearing and service dog, however she has some joint issues so has to limit her guide work. Instead, she mainly does in-house chores such as retrieving dropped objects, alerting me to sounds in my environment, Bringing objects from one person to another, and retrieving my beer from the fridge, and no, she doesn't drink it!
Rudy is my husband's guide dog. He's seven? He's the only guy and is bossed around shamelessly by his female counterparts. He drools a lot, and likes to take up lots of floor space on airplane flights.
Laveau is my guide dog, she's three and is the Doberman, something-something mix. She was named for Marie Laveau and that's another story within itself.

I'm learning ASL. Teaching a person who's been blind since birth a visual/spacial language is kind of an exercise in patience. Well, patience and humility. I'm kind of starting to like humble pie. I have a great teacher and our lessons are always full of laughable moments. Usually at my expense, but I don't mind!

I like to cook. I have a thing against using recipes. I usually just make shit up as I go along.
I'm a qualified Herbalist, and make Aroma Therapy Products. In my Medical Herbalism work, I deal mostly with dogs, and sometimes cats. They don't complain as much as people.
I'm about to sit my qualifying exam to become a Certified Canine Massage Therapist. I have lots of willing volunteers to practice on, let me tell you.
I do have a grown-up day job. I teach Braille to blind and deafblind adults. Since I love to promote literacy, and since I think Braille is beautiful, and since I love to read, this is a great job for me. I love my clients!
As mentioned above, I love to read. I use my Braille Note, which is a small PDA with pins that pop up or lay flat to form braille letters. All of my books are in electronic format, and are loaded on the Braille Note. I take it everywhere.
I also love technology. I have a Macbook and an iPhone which I love. I hook my iPhone to my Braille Note via bluetooth and the information which appears on my iPhone screen now pops up in braille on my Braille Note.
I'll stop blabbing now, and will begin backdating some entries I have written previously but never got around to posting.

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  1. Yay! So glad to see you on Blogger now. i never got into the LJ thing.