Wednesday, June 22, 2011

End of Week Updatage

Today was my last full day at AADB. Wow! How time has just flown by so quickly.
This morning I tested a prototype of a braille captioned radio. It was amazing!!! I mean totally amazing.

It was a braille display hooked to a small digital radio via a USB cable. The first three cells of the displays were used for things like to change the channel, to modify settings, and to check for emergency alerts. I read some radio stories, navigated throughout the menu system and was shown an alert and how the system responds when there is an alert. It was amazing, but I think I've already said that! Deafblind people who are braille readers have not had access to this type of emergency alert information in the past.

The radio works with NPR stations. When I was hearing, I loved NPR! I was a huge fan of shows like This American Life, A Prairie Home Companion, and All things Considered-- not to mention Car Talk. All of this program will be available to me using a captioned radio once the finishing touches have been put on the product. I signed up to be a tester for the first radios that come out so I can see radio shows every week and test how the system functions. The entire experience was amazing! I cannot wait to be able to have a captioned radio. It will work with any braille display and a digital radio with USB. So I can use either my Apex or my Sync Braille to run it. Digital radios come in very small sizes so it is very possible for a Deafblind person to take their radio with them and have access to the radio when traveling. This is just fantastic.

I bought pizza for my SSPs this afternoon and we had a pizza party in my room. Then I went to the AADB business meeting but didn't stay long. I had a nap, then went to dinner with a friend.
However I was chatting with someone who had eaten something which had been cooked in the same oil as shell fish. So I had to leave and go take meds. Thankfully I recovered quickly. I got to meet a student who is currently attending HKNC, and that was interesting.

Tomorrow I am checking out of the hotel, attending the AADB awards lunch, going to an update by a man who works for the FCC, and then I'm leaving the convention.

A friend of mine lives in Cincinnati and I haven't seen her in forever so we will spend time catching up, and I'll hop on the train at 3 am on Friday. Tonight is my last sleep in a real bed until I come home to my pack in New Orleans.

I will update perhaps from the road!

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  1. The radio does sound amazing! Technology is just fascinating. I hope you have a safe trip home.