Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Threads

Laveau has needed new gear for some time now. Her harness is hanging in there alright but she really needed a new service vest for carrying things like medical information, my EpiPen, and wallet. Mister Pawpower who is the mastermind behind
<"Pawpower Creations">
wanted to take a crack at making a service cape for her. I wanted it to be purple, with black and white zebra stripes (I love zebras)!
He made a beautiful cape which is not only really sharp looking, but is roomy and comfortable.
You can see
of the cape on my FlickR page. One of these days, someone needs to tell me how to put pictures into my blog itself!

Once the cape was made, a friend of mine embroidered "PawPower" in pink thread on the top, and "Service Dog" in white thread on the bottom. It looks really colorful and awesome!
Just in time to show it off at AADB! Mister Pawpower is working on her matching harness and will hopefully have that done soon.

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  1. I love it! Purple is my favourite colour. :) It sounds like Mr. Paw power is quite handy-does he make "Ignore" signs? LOL