Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The first half of the week

I realized that I haven't updated since Sunday, but my arms are so sore from all of the tactile ASL, that typing is not on my list of "must do's." However, I want to write this all down before I forget. So where I left off...

Monday morning, my SSP and I went to breakfast. While we were eating, my SSP got a call that a family member was dying so she needed to leave abruptly. I was then matched with three new SSPs.
I went to a workshop on accessible braille e-books. The presenter talked about Bookshare.org, National Braille Press, and the National Library Service's Web Braille program. After that workshop, we went to lunch.

After lunch, it was time to take a tour of the exhibit hall. This is a big ball room full of vendors from various companies selling everything from Braille PDAs, to jewelry, to portable VRS units. I made it about half way around the room before getting stuck at the table for the Helen Keller National Center for Deafblind Youth and Adults (HKNC). The lady at that table had never seen an iPhone before paired with a Braille Note Apex. I took out my iPhone and braille note and several people gathered to watch. The lady from HKNC took videos of my demonstration. I tried to not sound like an idiot. I had left Laveau in the room because I was worried that the hall would be crowded, so after my demo, I went back to get her.

By this point I really needed to get out of this hotel. My SSPs and I walked to Oriental Wok for dinner and I had yummy fried rice and veggie spring roll! We had fun chatting and eating. After that I went to bed.

This morning I went to a three-hour long workshop on various types of assistive technology for Deafblind people. Topics covered included screen readers for both Mac and PC, various screen enlargement solutions for DB people who are low vision, and braille displays. In the second half of the workshop, they talked about various mobile options for DB people including Deafblind Communicator (DBC), made by Human Ware, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Mobile Phones running Mobile Speak. We also learned about stand-alone money identifiers, and color identifiers.

After that long workshop my arms felt like they'd fall off from all of the tactile interpreting. My SSPs and I went to lunch at another restaurant outside the hotel-- this time Mexican. I had nachos and they were delicious.

I came back and had a nap before going back to the exhibit hall, and then to dinner. Geez, this blog makes it seem like all I do is eat and look at technology. lol!
After dinner which was a huge salad, I went to the grocery right quick for more iced tea. Then we came back and went to a pool party where I chatted with some people and swam.

Now it is bed time. Tomorrow I'm testing out a new braille captioned radio from NPR. I'm very excited as when I was hearing, I loved NPR and I really miss listening to it. After the NPR thing, I'm going to the technology lab because many of the devices discussed in today's workshops are at the lab. There are some new braille displays I have yet to see, and I must remedy this-- big geek that I am!
After that is a general meeting of the delegates from AADB in the afternoon. Tomorrow is my last full day here at AADB as Thursday I'm leaving in the afternoon to meet a friend from Cincinnati, and then my train leaves around 3 am on Friday morning.

I am really having a blast so far!


  1. Sounds like a very busy week... Glad you're having such a good time. :)

  2. Keep having fun and safe travels. :)