Friday, June 24, 2011

Life's Little Detours

So... life has this funny way of happening, y'know?

I left the AADB conference Thursday afternoon headed to Cincinnati to visit my friend Jen and her guide dog Nora. We spent a lovely evening together, eating Skyline Chili, and Ice-cream, and playing with dogs. I hopped on my train out of cinci at a bit after 3 am.

Our train was delayed coming into Charlottesville, VA. Instead of arriving at 2:45 I arrived around 4.
Andrea from
<"The Manor of Mixed Blessings">
fetched me from the station and we went to her friend's house for dog snuggling, and barbecuing. Laveau had a blast meeting all of the new dogs. She has decided that Andrea's SDIT, Sid is her new loooooooove!
We called Amtrak and they said my train was late and would leave by 9:15. Since all of my trains have been late, this wasn't surprising to me.
So we sat around, ate and drank, and threw the ball for the dogs.
Then we harnessed up the pups and drove to the station in time for the 9:15 train, only to find that it had left ten minutes earlier.
I'm kinda stuck in Charlottesville until I can get a train out of here. Dunno when that will be, exactly. I'm so punchy right now that I'm not too worried about it ... yet...

Laveau is having a blast, I am curled up in bed with Cairo the Cat and some lemon cookies.
I will update as things progress.

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