Monday, August 1, 2011

Bayou Baylee

Today we met Baylee, a Boxer Lab cross. She is five months old, black and gold (because she cheers for the Saints!) and is seriously adorable. She loves to explore new things, isn't afraid of much, and loves everyone; dogs and people alike.
She is Mr. Pawpower's new guide dog in training! I'm trying to get her in with Bristol at the Eyevet tomorrow for a prelim exam and then she'll see our regular vet on Thursday once her records are shipped over.

The other dogs like her pretty well, although Laveau is not happy about her crate getting taken over by the striped upstart!
I need to get her a small service vest or have Mr. Pawpower make her one. The serious guide part of her training won't start for many months but we look forward to obedience training and fun socializing with her.
I am going to try to get pictures tomorrow when I'm with sighted people who know where to point the camera!



  1. Oh! You have a new baby! I am so happy for Mr. Paw Power. Where did you guys find her? Good luck and enjoy. :)

  2. Rox'e I have a vest/harness that I use for training my dogs.It has patches that say "GUIDE DOG IN TRAINING DO NOT PET" You can attach a handle to it when it is time for guide training. The color is black and it is washable.It is in very good condition. I would be happy to loan it to you as I will not be training a new dog for at least 2 more years.Let me know so I can figure how to get it to you. Glad to here that Mr. Pawpower has found a new guide prospect. Good luck, Mardi