Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sausage Wrangler extraordinaire

Yesterday was Mister Pawpower's turn to make groceries. He was bringing in the bags when one of them burst. Naturally it was individually wrapped chubs of sausage which landed, and because my floor is old, and slanted, they rolled everywhere.
All of the dogs were out in the yard, and I decided to put the rest of the groceries away and then let Mill'E-Max in for her to deal with the sausages. And that is what I did.

I let the dogs in and immediately Mill'E-Max went to work, bringing back little chubs of sausage which had rolled behind my table and some chairs. She didn't even break the package with her teeth! I am super proud of her! It also makes me realize how much I depend upon her every day, and how thankful I am that I can have such a fantastic helper.

Today I'm going shopping with my SSP because my old faithful backpack is about to die,. Backpack shopping is a huge deal for me. I keep my life on my back! It has to be waterproof (because I live in the swamp, after-all), and comfortable, and hopefully purple! Because everything I own (almost) is purple, or it has zebra stripes.

As you can see, that's a tall order. Which means a lot of browsing through various stores (which I hate), in search of the perfect waterproof, comfortable, multi-pocketed, and hopefully purple with zebra stripes, backpack of my dreams! My SSP may just kill me before it's over.

Actually, for that matter, I hope Laveau doesn't kill me. She hates waiting patiently for me to look at item after item. But then again, she's enough of a show-off that working in crowded stores and malls is her favorite. And there will be so much to watch! She may not kill me after all.


  1. Wow. That is awesome!
    As for the purple and comfortable, I hear you. I love purple and it seems like products are so hard to find in that colour-there is a lot of pink out there, but purple is much more difficult to find.
    Good luck. LOL

  2. Yes, I noticed that, about the pink. I found a pack which is perfect, except that it's blue. Oh well, at least it isn't some horrid shade of yellow, or pink. LOL!

  3. Rox, would a BackTpack work for you? They have a purple and black one on the BackTpack 1 model. I'm not sure about waterproof, though.