Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Tail of the Funny Onion, and other randomness!

I stayed home quite a bit this week because of vestibular shenanigans. This made lots of time for book-reading (Yay George R. R. Martin for writing such long juicy books) and cooking (chicken salad to die for) and dog wrangling.
Yesterday morning all of Laveau's tennis balls had gone missing. Laveau's very favorite toy is the tennis ball and this was a crisis of mammoth proportions! Laveau searched and searched, but nothing-doing. Eventually she decided that if the tennis balls weren't to be found that she needed a substitute. She did not pick any of the numerous other toys we have, oh no. Instead, she picked ....


I'll grant you, it was a tennis-ball sized onion, but that's where the resemblance stopped. Onions, unlike tennis balls, do not bounce, and I'd imagine the flavor was markedly different! She didn't eat it, just tried to play with it. However the puppy did think to sample the gustatory delight of the onion, and that is where it stopped.

The tennis ball was found in the back yard, and the onion was tossed into the trash.

It has been very, very hot so we haven't walked much at all. Instead we've been playing games of ball and tug inside. I am really ready for October!

Mister Pawpower moved Baylee's blog due to some accessibility issues. You can now read it
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As for the other dogs, they are all good. Laveau is now officially in charge of tiring the puppy out enough so that we can get other activities/training done. Laveau is really good at this new job, like she is good at everything else! Bristol is still pretending Baylee doesn't exist, but has been pretty full of piss and vinegar these last few days, wanting to play tug and in the middle of everything. It's good to see. Mill'E-Max is my big helper, as usual. Today I dropped a glucosamine pill of hers, and I asked her to pick it up and hand it to me so I could put cream cheese on it, because she won't swallow it any other way. So she did that, and was very pleased with herself.
Whoop, the puppy is awake! My blogging time is over for today! :)

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  1. Sounds like you have your hands full there.
    Oh, to have a puppy. :)